Westminster Area Lacrosse. WAX is a youth program for beginners and experienced players. WAX provides instructional pockets program for boys and girls ages 5-6. Boys and Girls ages 7-8 play in a Carroll County League with limited travel. Boys and Gi
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Welcome to Wax
by posted 02/09/2020


Welcome to Wax Juniors. 

Coach Meghan and I will be your coaches for the Spring.

Thank you for providing your daughter(s) the opportunity to play.

A few things for the Spring to get ready as we are going to start practices shortly.

1) Practices will be at Friendship Valley Elementary this year on Tuesdays and Fridays.  First practice will be March 17th, St. Patty's Day.  If a practice on Tuesday is cancelled for weather reasons.  Expect a practice the next day on Wednesday.  Same location

2) We will have some Carroll Indoor Sports Indoor time this year.  Both will be later in the month and I will email you again next week about the dates and the times as a reminder.  They should be 2/24/20 and 3/2/20 respectively at 6:30 until 7:30

3) There have been some changes to goggles recently.  If you have bought them recently, you should be ok.  We will check the first indoor practices on if they are good on the compliance front.  If you check the goggles, there should be an SEI stamp somewhere on the goggles.  We can check for you as well.

4) There will be an early season tournament this year.  Meghan has sent emails out as the commissioner on this opportunity to you previously.  Just to recap, March 21 and 22 there is the Catonsville Classic tournament which we will be apart of.  More email from me on this one later down the road.

5) We will be competing in the B League this year.  I expect it to be challenging for the girls this year which will be good for them as the transition to highschool is only a year away.

Just a quick note from Meghan and I on expectations.  Ultimately, we are out there to have fun.  We're also practicing and playing games to get better.  Meghan and I have goals for each player to give them the opportunity to get better whereever they play on the lacrosse field.  It may not always be their favorite position, but our job is to help them in lacrosse. 

Tell your girls to start practicing.  Start cradling with a ball, both hands.  If you have a wall or bounce back, expect the sound of passes being thrown against.  It is a much better sound then the clicks of a virtual keyboard on a phone. 

Meghan and I also believe in the Wax Way.  Keep it positive, keep playing fair and keep playing hard. 




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