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Schedule change
by posted 12/07/2020

Boys indoor families...

I hope everyone is enjoying the cold weather! Hopefully we'll have some snow and get winter going soon! If you couldn't tell, I love to ski, but I digress. Now back to lacrosse...

We've had a number of questions and concerns about the indoor season and the upcoming holiday season. In light of the large number of concerns, I've adjusted the schedule as follows.

This week was scheduled off, and we were scheduled to play next week, Dec 18. We were then off until Jan 8. 

I have cancelled Dec 18, and re-scheduled that day's games for Jan 29. 

As such, our next scheduled games for Tykers and Lightning are January 8.


Have a great holiday and we'll see everyone Jan 8, as scheduled.


-Bob Jenkins


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Indoor resumes tomorrow!
by posted 12/03/2020

Indoor lax families...I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. 

Play resumes tomorrow. Team 1 plays 3 at 6PM. 2 plays 4 at 7 PM. Remember, 4 Seasons and CCR&P require us to complete the Covid waiver for each week. Drop them at the front desk when you come in, and please respect that masks are required while entering and exiting, as well as for the 1 parent watching.


Most importantly...if you are sick, please stay home! We are trying to keep this going by abiding by the all the differing requirements. We all appreciate the efforts to keep the kids playing.


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Tyker and Lightning Game schedule
by posted 11/19/2020


Time Home White Away Orange
20-Nov 6:00 PM 1 2
  7:00 PM 3 4
4-Dec 6:00 PM 1 3
  7:00 PM 2 4
JAN 29 6:00 PM 1 4
  7:00 PM 2 3
8-Jan 6:00 PM 2 1
  7:00 PM 4 3
15-Jan 6:00 PM 3 1
  7:00 PM 4 2
22-Jan 6:00 PM 4 1
  7:00 PM 3 2

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Indoor lax - Goalies, teams and games!
by posted 11/16/2020

Tykers and Lightning,


All the kids want to play goalie at some point!

This week we start our games. I'll split the group into four teams and will let everyone know their team assignment on Thursday. 

Next up for us is goalie training. If you are a goalie, want to be a goalie, thought it would be great to try playing goalie, or just want to come out and see what all the cool goalie gear is like, this Thursday is for you! 

We are having goalie training at Four Seasons Thursday, 6-7 PM. There is no additional cost. 


For the first week (or 3) of games, we will have the goalie blocks (rejectors) in place, with goalies playing in front of them. It's double hard on the field players...they actually have to shoot for a spot...and it helps build confidence for our novice goalies. As soon as our goalies have a little more training, we'll pull the rejectors and play normally.


If you would like to attend Goalie training, please RSVP so that I have an idea of how much equipment to bring.




Bob Jenkins


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