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Tyker and Lightning TEAM assignments
by posted 11/19/2020

Indoor families... Tomorrow we start games. I'll send out a second email (momentarily) with the game schedule, but first, here are the team assignemnts. This was a very scientific sorting and team assignment process. I sorted the group by age, and went 1-2-3-4, 1-2-3-4, etc. There are a few sets of siblings that got shuffled, otherwise, there was no adjusting. Simply straight ages. With 3 different programs represented, and not having evaluations, this was the best (OK easiest) way to split the teams. Each team will play each of the other 3 teams twice. Kick back and watch them play. It is to keep a stick in their hand and for them to have fun. I promise no one will ever remember the score or the standings of this program, but the boys WILL remember playing indoor in 2020 with their friends.


Team 1
Franchella Nicholas
Ismirle Chance
Rickels Brody
Delman Liam
Crumbacker Brady
Often Brody
Groves Matthew
DeFeo Jack
Cero Dane
Loscomb Carter
Rickels Lucas
Team 2
Valentine Logan
Harkins Brody
Schiller Ben
English Tristan
Tieperman Ryan
Roche Alex
Hadden Auden
Brooke Logan
Girch Landon
Girch Brody
Team 3
Wineke Ryder
Harding Chase
Haller Ayden
Jenkins Austin
Bowers Brooks
Stout William
Gaeng Brendan
Lawson Dustin
Meyer Finn
Smith Sage
Team 4
Fenner Ryder
Penczek Ethan
Smith Colton
Storie Logan
Dunworth Joshua
Otto Grant
Hamm Sebastian
Carr Liam
Wynne Connor
Armell Parker

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Tyker and Lightning Game schedule
by posted 11/19/2020

DATE Time Home White Away Orange
20-Nov 6:00 PM 1 2
  7:00 PM 3 4
4-Dec 6:00 PM 1 3
  7:00 PM 2 4
18-Dec 6:00 PM 1 4
  7:00 PM 2 3
8-Jan 6:00 PM 2 1
  7:00 PM 4 3
15-Jan 6:00 PM 3 1
  7:00 PM 4 2
22-Jan 6:00 PM 4 1
  7:00 PM 3 2

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Indoor lax - Goalies, teams and games!
by posted 11/16/2020

Tykers and Lightning,


All the kids want to play goalie at some point!

This week we start our games. I'll split the group into four teams and will let everyone know their team assignment on Thursday. 

Next up for us is goalie training. If you are a goalie, want to be a goalie, thought it would be great to try playing goalie, or just want to come out and see what all the cool goalie gear is like, this Thursday is for you! 

We are having goalie training at Four Seasons Thursday, 6-7 PM. There is no additional cost. 


For the first week (or 3) of games, we will have the goalie blocks (rejectors) in place, with goalies playing in front of them. It's double hard on the field players...they actually have to shoot for a spot...and it helps build confidence for our novice goalies. As soon as our goalies have a little more training, we'll pull the rejectors and play normally.


If you would like to attend Goalie training, please RSVP so that I have an idea of how much equipment to bring.




Bob Jenkins


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