Westminster Area Lacrosse. WAX is a youth program for beginners and experienced players. WAX provides instructional pockets program for boys and girls ages 5-6. Boys and Girls ages 7-8 play in a Carroll County League with limited travel. Boys and Gi
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Please read as there are a few changes for this year:


Pocket Parents--

For those of you that are new to the WAX program...Welcome aboard.

For the rest of you...returning Pockets from previous seasons or re-starting at Pockets with a new player...welcome back to where it all begins.  Pockets is for K-1st grades and we also have a Pocket 101 program for 4 year olds, so email us and we can let you know more about that if you are interested.

Here are some of the important details about the program and what our objectives are for the Pockets level.  

For this year, we are planning on a few logistical changes to the program, but as a whole the objectives of the pockets program are the same.  

When: Practices will begin this year starting the week of March 16th, when we have access to the outdoor fields.  We will hold 4-5 practices prior to games, which will begin the weekend of April 9th. The season will conclude May 28th.  

Where:  The Boys Pockets field is at Friendship Valley Elementary (FVE) to the right side of the school as you enter the school property. There is small shed on that side of the school that makes a good place to convene.  

Times:  Pockets practice one time per week on Wednesday evenings from 6-7:15pm.  We will hold games on SATURDAYS starting the weekend of April 9th. We will look to try and schedule games in the mornings from 9am to Noon. This year due to the uneven amount of teams we will have a few week night games so that each team has a total of 6 games.

Teams:   We play games in a 7 v 7 format, two attack, two midfielders, two defense, and a goalie on the field per team.  

Coaching Philosophy:  Fun first! Fun second and fun third!!! That's the long and short on coaching philosophy.

In the middle of all that fun, we focus on all of the fundamentals...catching, throwing, shooting, cradle, scoop, dodge, and defensive positioning. Typically we practice as a group in a three or four station format. When everyone is arriving, we have a start-up scoop and shoot drill in progress.

Next, we sort the boys into stations. Initially these would be the catching station, the throwing station, the scooping station, and the cradling station. We practice changing hands and cradling with both hands. As we progress through the season, we combine skill sets and add more. For instance, scoop and shoot or scoop and pass or cradle and dodge would be examples of combined skill sets. Drills are designed to have as many boys involved at one time as possible. We try to end practices with a game of some sort. Two practices during the season are reserved for running a full field clear; it takes the whole practice.

And it takes a lot of parents to make this all work.  We do have several parent coaches back each year but we are always looking to bring in new parents to help coach.  Don't worry if you have never played the game. This is all about basics and having fun with your kids. If you have experience with lacrosse, even better!  The boys have almost as much fun as the parents.

Checking:  No checking, except when the ball in on the ground...typically we teach blocking out and man/ball.

Equipment:  We use a standard lacrosse stick (not a fiddle stick) and a pinky ball (same size as a lacrosse ball just softer).  You provide the player, mouthguard and the stick. WAX provides a practice ball for each player. I recommend that everyone get a STX AV8 as a starter stick; the AV8 is the stick we use for starter sets for our 7-8 boys.  It is a good basic stick (Don't buy an expensive stick at this age - the cheaper stick is fine). We cut the poles down a bit for the younger boys. Play It Again is our official vendor. Jim Collins, the owner, has sticks and knows what you need. WAX families get a discount at Play It Again (coupon is on the right side of our website).  You do not need any other lacrosse equipment for this year.

(How to shorten a lacrosse stick for a youth player.  Here’s what to do. Pull the plug off the bottom of the stick.  Measure from the top of the head down the pole and cut it off at 34 inches.  Put the plug back on. That’s it. A standard lacrosse stick is 40 inches. Your son can use the 34 inch stick until he is in fourth grade.)

Otherwise, mouth guard and field shoes (cleats or spikes one would wear for soccer, lacrosse or football).

Each player receives a pinnie, which is yours to keep.

We'll have a meeting for parents who wants to help out on the field (in late March)...dads and moms.

Since you’ve all registered and know how easy it is…please direct anyone interested in participating to the WAX website at www.waxlax.org for getting signed up.


Pockets Overview-

10 Week Program

Ages 4-6

Practices: Wednesday 6-7:15 pm   (11 Total Practices)

Games: Saturdays   Time Frame 9-12