Westminster Area Lacrosse. WAX is a youth program for beginners and experienced players. WAX provides instructional pockets program for boys and girls ages 5-6. Boys and Girls ages 7-8 play in a Carroll County League with limited travel. Boys and Gi
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Email Notifications from WAX

With the purchase of powerful new web-based league management software from LeagueAthletics, WAX is now able to send e-mail from within our website to groups ranging in size from everyone in WAX to very unique, narrowly defined subsets of the WAX family, with minimal effort.  Further, WAX Administrators, Managers, and coaches should never again have to collect your e-mail address from you.  Your family's information is stored in a secure database at LeagueAthletics via the My Account feature.  WAX, Managers, Coaches, the webmaster, etc., simply create e-mails from within the website that are sent out to you. 
For all of the above reasons, it is critical that your keep contact info under My Account up to date. 

Not receiving WAX and/or Coach e-mails?

E-mail delivery issues generally fall into two categories: those who have accidently opted out of our e-mails, or those who have not properly configured their e-mail system to accept e-mails from notification@leagueathletics.com.

The "opt-out" problem is easy to fix.  Log in, click on every family member, and make sure no one has checked "No Email".  If anyone in your family has checked this box, it can prohibit anyone in your family from receiving our e-mails.

As LeagueAthletics web software manages several thousand sports leagues around the country, there are a million e-mails out there everyday from .  For this reason, some e-mail programs will determine our e-mails are Spam, unless you tell your system otherwise.  The most common way to inform Gmail, Verizon, Yahoo, Comcast, etc. that you want to receive e-mail from an e-mail address is to put the senders e-mail address in your address book.  Not into your Blackberry or iPhone address book, but in your www.gmail.com, www.verizon.net, mail.yahoo.com, www.comcast.net, etc., actual address book.

It is also worth knowing that a number of league staff now have e-mail addresses from the domain @waxlax.org.

Therefore, all WAX families should add the following e-mail addresses to their address book: notification@leagueathletics.com.

Comcast users:  Keep in mind that if you have your Spam filter on, Comcast allows Spam to be deleted without ever even making it to your Spam/Junk folder.  So you may never even see our e-mails in your Spam.  The only way to fix this is to add the above three addresses to your e-mail address book.  Thus far, this has been 100% successful.

Although adding notification@leagueathletics.com to your address book seems to solve any problems for most users, if you want to be extra certain that our e-mails make it to your inbox, rather than your Spam/Junk folder, add an e-mail filter forcing all e-mails from the domain leagueathletics.com to your inbox (if you have the option to do so).  On some systems this task is accomplished by making the domain leagueathletics.com an "approved sender" rather than setting up a filter, but the result is the same. These filters, or approved senders, are usually necessary on more secure corporate e-mail systems, but these filters are good practice for anyone who wants to ensure they receive our e-mails.